General Purpose Statement:

The primary purpose of the Oklahoma Baptist Fellowship is to allow for like-minded, independent Baptist preachers in Oklahoma and surrounding states to Sharpen, Strengthen, and Support each other through preaching, fellowship, activities, etc.

The OBF does not operate under the authority of a convention, school, or group.

General Content Disclaimer:

To have information posted to the OBF website, you must agree to the basic doctrinal statement, and then contact the OBF director, Pastor David Story using the contact page on this website. The content of the OBF website is suggested by the cooperative effort of a group of independent Baptist pastors, evangelists, church staff members, missionaries, educators, and workers that are actively involved in the events of the OBF. We appreciate our contributors, but also recognize that each of their ministries is different, and therefore, posts may share ideas, thoughts, or resources that are not preferred in other ministry environments.  Additionally, when referencing books in reviews, illustrations, or other resources, the OBF would not necessarily endorse all of the authors, ministries, publishing houses, or vendors mentioned on such posts.